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att riva
to tear, to rip
att börja
to begin (often used with verbs)
1. whole, complete; 2. [en ~ del] a whole lot (of people), a good deal, plenty of
en dag
1. a day; 2. [~ in, ~ ut] day in, day out
1. oneself, self (not reflexive pronoun); 2. alone, by oneself
en människa
1. a person; 2. [~or] people (not a loan word)
ett land
a country
1. Swedish, i.e. having the Swedish nationality; 2. belonging to the territory of Sweden; 3. [är du ~ medborgare?] are you a Swedish citizen?
en fråga
1. a question, a matter; 2. [att ställa en ~] to ask a question; 3. [inga fler ~or?] any more questions?
1. us; 2. [hos ~] a) in our country; b) at our place, at our house
att tro
1. to believe; 2. [att ~ på ngt] to believe in sth. or s.o.
en el
an electricity
att tycka
1. to think, to have an opinion; 2. [vad ~er du om boken?] what do you think of the book, what's your opinion of the book?
en kommentar
1. a comment; 2. a commentary; 3. [inga ~er!] (plural in Swedish) no comment!
att veta
to know (facts)
att försöka
1. to try, to attempt; 2. to make an effort (not used for the sense of trying clothes, shoes etc)
att behöva
to need
att känna
1. to feel, to sense, to smell; 2. to know (people); 3. [att lära ~] to get to know; 4. [att ~ sig] to feel (tired, healthy etc.)
att läsa
1. to read; 2. to learn
att ro
to row
maybe (not: "måhända")
1. like, alike, similar; 2. [hon var sig ~] she hadn't changed a bit