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1. limited, restricted; 2. [min tid är starkt ~] my time is very limited
1. at last, finally; 2. [~ fredag!] thank God it's Friday!
1. left (direction); 2. [~hänt] left-handed
down (showing movement)
att väcka
1. to wake; 2. [en ~rklocka] an alarm clock
att leta
1. to search, to look; 2. [har du ~t ordentligt?] have you looked properly? 3. to look for sth.; 4. [att ~ sig] to find (one's, its) way (somewhere)
en häst
1. a horse; 2. [~kraft] horsepower
en kategori
a category (loan word)
1. British; 2. [under ~t styre] under British rule
en följd
1. a result, a consequence; 2. a series, a sequence; 3. [till ~ av] as a consequence of; 4. [sex år i ~] six years in a row
en ed
1. an oath; 2. a curse; 3. [att avlägga ~en] to take the oath, to be sworn in (to a job)
en fred
1. a situation where there is no conflict, no war; 2. a peace; 3. [lämna oss i ~!] leave us in peace! (i.e. stop disturbing us)
traditional (loan word)
en användning
1. a use, a utilization; 2. (more formal) an employment; 3. an application; 4. a usage
att riskera
to risk (loan word)
att tappa
1. to drop sth.; 2. to lose sth. (but not in sporting sense); 3. [att ~ modet] to lose heart, to become discouraged
en inkomst
an income
satisfied, content
1. clothes (plural); 2. [om jag var i dina ~] if I were in your shoes
att spåra
to track, to trace
en styrelse
a council, an administrative board/committee
en intervju
an interview (loan word)
1. strongly; 2. very, extremely; 3. [~ kryddad] very spicy
1. lastly, finally; 2. [sist och ~] in the end, ultimately
1. vague; 2. [ett ~t minne] a vague recollection, a vague memory