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1. away; 2. [där ~] over there; 3. gone, passed away
1. regional; 2. [~a nyheter] regional news
1. forward; [han lutade sig ~] he leaned forward; 3. [~ eller bakåt] forwards or backwards
en karaktär
1. a character; 2. nature, quality; 3. disposition, mentality; 4. willpower; 5. [jag har dålig ~] I have no willpower
en skiva
1. a slice; 2. a disc, a CD, a vinyl record; 3. [att släppa ny ~] to release a new record (song etc.)
1. around, about; 2. [vida ~] far and wide; 3. [när allt kommer ~] when all is said and done, after all, at the end of the day
ett ansikte
1. a face; 2. [han blev röd i ~et] he went red in the face; 3. [ett bekant ~] a familiar face
i början
1. initially, at the beginning; 2. [~ av sextiotalet] in the early sixties
en aktivitet
an activity (loan word)
en ost
1. a cheese; 2 [jag gillar såväl ~ som öl] I like both cheese and beer
ett fängelse
a prison
att synas
to be visible
en mor
1. a mother; 2. [för din ~s skull] for your mother's sake
1. together; 2. [hela hennes värld rasade ~] her whole world fell to pieces, her whole world collapsed (not: "tillsammans" or "ihop")
en ledamot
1. a member (of a committee, board or other supervisory body); 2. [styrelse~] member of the board (e.g. of directors of a company)
i enlighet med
1. in accordance with, according to; 2. [ ~ lagen] in accordance with the law
1. civil, civilian , i.e. non-military, not official; 2. [i ~a kläder] in civilian clothing (loan word)
obvious, apparent, evident (NOT: "självklar")
en skull
1. (a) sake; 2. [för din mors ~] for your mother's sake
en arbetslöshet
an unemployment
physical (loan word)
en generation
a generation (loan word)
1. up until, as far as, all the way to; 2. [~ fram till dörren] right up to the door; 3. [~ till slutet] to the end, right to the very end
av och an
to and fro, back and forth (not: "fram och tillbaka")