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once again
1. deep; 2. [en ~ röst] a deep voice; 3. [en ~ tallrik] a soup bowl
ett initiativ
an initiative (loan word)
att fastställa
to appoint, to fix, to establish, to lay down (time, price)
ett parlament
a parliament (loan word)
en säsong
1. a season (e.g. in sport, TV series etc.); 2. [jakt~en] the hunting season (loan word from French)
1. living; 2. [ett ~ ljus] a candle
att hota
to threaten
1. thousands of; 2. [~ fåglar] thousands of birds
1. possible, potential, any; (in English expressed also with 'might' or 'if'); 2. [vid ~a frågor kontakta vår kundtjänst] if you have any questions, please contact customer service
en pojke
1. a boy; 2. [de flesta ~ar] most boys
en version
a version (loan word)
att existera
to exist (loan word)
1. tired; 2. [jag är ~ på hela historien] I am tired of the whole story
en himmel
1. a sky; 2. [en gåva från ~en] a gift from heaven, heaven-sent
en reaktion
a reaction (loan word)
1. expensive, dear; 2. [~a vanor] expensive habits
normal (loan word)
att rikta
to direct, to aim (a question, a blow etc)
en kurs
1. a course; 2. [en svensk~] a Swedish course
ett påstående
1. a claim, an allegation, an assertion; 2. a statement
1. odd, peculiar, strange; 2. (dated usage) remarkable, notable, noteworthy
en affär
1. a shop; 2. [en järn~] a hardware store, an ironmonger's; 3. (a) business; 4. [ett ~smöte] a business meeting
att tacka
1. to thank; 2. [att ~ ja till något] to accept something with many thanks; 3. [att ~ nej till något] to decline an offer (but with gratitude for the offer)
en öst
(an) east