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1. early; 2. [vem ringde så här ~?] who called this early in the morning?
en upplevelse
an experience, an adventure
en riktning
1. a direction, a course; 2. a movement, a tendency, a trend; 3. a sighting (on a weapon)
en vetenskap
a science
ett avsnitt
1. an episode (e.g. TV series); 2. a section, a unit, a passage (of a novel, of a textbook); 3. a part
en handel
1. a trade, a trading, doing business; 2. [utrikes~] foreign trade; 3. [människo~] human trafficking; 4. [en bok~] a bookshop
en sträckning
1. a strain (muscle injury); 2. a stretch, a stretching; 3. an extension; 4. a direction; 5. the way sth. runs (a train line, a river)
att locka
1. to entice, to lure; 2. to curl
att redovisa
to show, to report
ett uttalande
a declaration, a pronouncement, a statement
respectively (loan word)
att para
1. to pair, to match together; 2. to pair, to mate, to copulate; 3. to combine
att störa
1. to disturb; 2. [~ ej] do not disturb
att komma ihåg
1. to remember; 2. to not forget, to remind oneself or someone else to do sth.
somewhere, anywhere
en respekt
a respect (loan word)
att rapportera
to report (loan word)
1. hardly, barely, scarcely; 2. [att ha det ~] to be short of money
direct (loan word)
basically; in a simple way
en omständighet
a circumstance
en hänsyn
1. a consideration; 2. [att ta ~ till] to make allowances for; to take into account, to consider, to bear in mind; 3. [~slös] inconsiderate, thoughtless
i kväll
this evening, tonight
att begära
1. to ask for sth., to request sth.; 2. to apply for; 3. to sue for; 4. to covet, to desire s.o.
en rubrik
a headline (loan word from French)