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att producera
1. to produce, to make, to build (loan word); 2. [en ny~d lägenhet] a newly built apartment, a new build
en utsträckning
1. an extension, a prolongation; 2. an extent, a degree; 3. [i viss ~] to some extent, to a certain degree
anonymous (loan word)
att begå
to commit, to perform, to carry out (especially a crime)
1. bare, naked, exposed; 2. [att sova under ~ himmel] to sleep under the stars; 3. [att bli tagen på ~ gärning] to be caught in the act, to be caught red-handed
en institution
1. an institute, school, department (in an academic institution); 2. [engelska ~en] the English department, e.g. at a university (loan word)
att förstöra
to destroy, to ruin
en boll
a ball
att grunda
1. to found, to start, to set up (a company or other institution); 2. [att ~ sig] to base sth. on (e.g. argument); 3. to prime, to put a foundation coat on (painting)
1. past (as in walking past something); 2. over (as in something which is finished)
en luft
1. an air; 2. [att hämta lite frisk ~] to get some fresh air
en industri
an industry (loan word)
ett tåg
1. a train; 2. [att stiga på ~et] to get on the train; 3. [att stiga av ~et] to get off the train; 4. a procession, a march; 5. a rope, a cable
att skada
1. to injure, to hurt, to damage, to harm; 2. to be bad for, to be detrimental to; 3. to impair
att uppfylla
to fulfil
att akta
1. to be careful with, to take care of, to mind; 2. to guard, protect; 3. [att ~ sig] to take care, to watch out, to be careful, be on your guard
en förhandling
a negotiation
att syfta
1. to aim; 2. [att ~ högt] to aim high; 3. [att ~ på något] to allude to sth., to hint at, to refer to, to mean; 4. [vad ~er försöken till?] what is the purpose of these experiments?
en bror
1. a brother; 2. [min lille~] my little brother; 3. [min store~] my big brother
en byggnad
1. a building; 2. (a) construction; 3. [kroppens ~] the build of the body; 3. [språkets ~] the structure of the language
en hälft
1. a half; 2. [hans bättre ~] his better half
en skrift
1. (a) writing; 2. (a) handwriting; 3. characters, letters; 4. a written document; 5. [i tal och ~] in speech and in writing
1. responsible; 2. [~ för att göra något] responsible for doing something
en allmänhet
a general public (not a loan word)