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att orsaka
to cause
i slutet
at the end
1. a little more than; 2. [om ~ en vecka] in just over a week; 3. haughtily
en lever
a liver
en bloggare
a blogger (loan word)
en tävling
1. a competition (e.g. a sporting competition), a contest; 2. [att förlora en ~] to lose a contest
en kommunikation
a communication (loan word)
critical (loan word)
att plocka
1. to pick, to gather; 2. [att ~ upp något] to pick something up, to take something out (e.g. out of a cupboard)
en patient
a patient (loan word)
att sjunga
to sing
att vakna
to wake up
en hälsa
a health
ett piratparti
a pirate party (political)
ett centrum
(a) downtown, a (village, town, city) centre, where shops and other amenities are found
unbelievably, incredibly
1. fun, nice; 2. [att ha ~] to have fun, to enjoy oneself, to have a good time; 3. [vi kommer ha väldigt ~] and we're gonna have a hell of a good time
att träna
to work out, to practice, to exercise (sport)
ett bord
1. a table; 2. [vid ~et] at the table
not before, not until (this word is only used with "inte")
1. Danish; 2. [att ge någon en ~ skalle] to headbutt someone
att vidta
to take (an action or measures), to follow (as a response to)
att reda
to sort out, to order, to clarify