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en armé
an army (loan word from French)
loose, unfastened
att prova
to try, to sample (i.e. food, clothes)
en egenskap
an attribute, a property, a characteristic
att rekommendera
to recommend (loan word)
liberal, in political sense (loan word)
en synpunkt
1. a point of view; 2. an attitude; 3. [ur juridisk ~] from a legal point of view
1. away; 2. [att komma ~] to get away, to escape
concerning, regarding, with reference (respect) to, as to, about (NOT: "beträffande" or "rörande")
unique (loan word)
en präst
a priest
en webbplats
a website (i.e. a place on the world wide web)
en bostad
1. a home, a house, an apartment, a dwelling, a place where you live; 2. [det råder ~sbrist] there is a housing shortage
en vardag
a weekday, a workday; a "normal", ordinary day
1. free of charge; 2. [~prover] free samples
att återkomma
to come back, to return
att bevisa
to prove
en anställd
an employee (under contract)
att förbjuda
to forbid, to prohibit
att uttala
to pronounce (in the sense of how words are said)
en investering
an investment (loan word)
att fira
1. to celebrate; 2. [att ~ jul] to celebrate Christmas
en försäljning
1. a sale; 2. [~steknik] sales technique, salesmanship; 3. [~ssiffror] sales figures
popular (loan word)
en klubb
a club, an association (loan word)