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ett citat
1. a quotation; 2. [~tecken] quotation marks, inverted commas
en palestinier
a Palestinian
ett utrymme
1. a space, room (to put things or people, for example); 2. a scope
1. formerly, before; 2. [~ eller senare] sooner or later; 3. [nu och ~] now and in the past
1. seriously, badly; 1a. [~sjuk] seriously ill; 2. [hon hade ~ att förstå det] she had difficulties understanding it; 3. [att ha det ~] to suffer greatly, to be badly off (financially), to have a hard time
1. strong; 2. [~ mat] hot spicy food
att påminna
to remind
en aktör
1. an actor (stage, film); 2. an active participant; 3. (on stock market) an operator (loan word from French)
classical (loan word)
1. around; 2. [runt ~] round about
en fokus
a focus (loan word)
official (loan word)
att beröra
to touch, to affect, to concern
en ägare
1. an owner; 2. [han är ~ till en segelbåt] he owns a sailing boat, he is the owner of a sailing boat
ett kapital
a capital, funds, e.g. for starting a business (loan word)
relevant (loan word)
en minister
a minister (loan word)
att anpassa
1. to adapt (oneself); 2. to adjust sth.; 3. to acclimatize
en glädje
a joy, a pleasure
en titel
1. a title; 2. [~n på boken] the title of the book (loan word)
something, anything (NOT: "någonting")
en utgångspunkt
a starting point (not a loan word)
ett nätverk
a network
en scen
1. a scene; 2. a stage (e.g. in a theatre); 3. [jag går aldrig upp på ~ utan den] I never go on stage without it