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en nytta
1. a use, a good; 2. an advantage, a benefit; 3. a profit; 4. [att dra ~ av något] to benefit from sth.
1. long-lasting, durable; 2. sustainable; 3. tenable; 4. [~ konsumtion] sustainable consumption
att begränsa
1. to enclose, to border; 2. to limit, to restrict; 3. [att ~ sig till] to restrict oneself to
ett sikte
1. a sight (what you can see); 2. a sight on a weapon; 3. a view, an aim; 4. [land i ~!] land ahoy!
1. attractive, pretty, stylish; 2. [en ~ kille] a good-looking guy, a handsome man
1. feminine, womanly; 2. [en ~ gärningsman] a female perpetrator, a female offender (not a loan word)
som vanligt
as usual
ett avstånd
1. a distance between two points; 2. an interval between two time points
att fly
to flee, to run away, to escape
1. significant, important; 2. large, sizable, considerable; 3. [en ~ risk] a significant risk
1. guilty; 2. owing money, in debt; 3. obliged, duty bound
i övrigt
1. apart from that; 2. otherwise
en inflation
1. an inflation; 2. [att få ner ~en] to bring down inflation (loan word)
ett ben
1. a leg (of chair, animal etc); 2. a bone; 3. a limb
en definition
a definition (loan word)
en uppmärksamhet
an attention
att ladda
1. to charge (batteries), to load; 2. [att ~ ner] to download; 3. [att ~ upp] to upload
en jul
1. a yuletide, a Christmas; 2. [~afton] Christmas Eve; 3. [annandag ~] Boxing Day (26th December)
1. badly, poorly; 2. [jag hör ~] I am hard of hearing, I can't hear very well
1. municipal; 2. [ett ~val] an election of local government, a municipal election
att passera
1. to pass, to overtake; 2. to purée
en herre
1. a man, a gentleman; 2. [mina damer och ~ar] ladies and gentlemen
i fråga om
in the matter of, regarding, about, for, as to
ett klimat
1. a climate; 2. [ett ~ såsom vårt] a climate like ours; 3. [~förandring] climate change
1. every (used to express frequency) [~ tredje dag] every third day, every three days