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en topp
1. a top, a peak; 2. (exclamation) [~en!] great! fantastic! super!
1. likely; 2. probably (hint: sth. which can be believed); 3. [han kommer ~ inte] he is not likely to come, he probably won't come
en kompis
a buddy, a friend
att främja
to promote, to further
ett landsting
a county council
att undersöka
1. to examine (e.g. doctor), to investigate (e.g. police), to inspect; 2. to search; 3. to look into; 4. to research, to analyze; 5. to test
en kilometer
1. a kilometer; 2. [att köra i hundra ~ i timmen] to drive at a hundred kilometers an hour (loan word)
en reform
a reform (loan word)
att testa
to test (loan word)
concrete (loan word)
1. in a straight way, in a straight manner; 2. [fortsätta ~ fram] keep going straight on, keep straight on
obviously (ends in "n")
ju (...) desto
1. the (...) the; 2. [~ förr ~ bättre] the sooner the better
social democratic
en trupp
a troop
en seger
a victory, a conquest
ett centerparti
a center party
en förlust
a loss, a defeat, a deficit
en själ
a soul
ett öde
a fate, a destiny
ett mord
a murder
ett dokument
a document (loan word)
att upphöra
1. to come to an end; 2. to cease, to stop; 3. to discontinue; 4. [att ~ att göra ngt] to stop doing sth.
ett folkparti
a people's party