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strongly (not "starkt")
en middag
a dinner, a supper
att reagera
to react (loan word)
en hjärna
a brain
cultural (loan word)
southern, south
1. though, although; 2. if, so long as (informal)
ett förtroende
1. a trust, a confidence, a faith (e.g. in another person); 2. [själv~] self-confidence, self-reliance; 3. [vi har inget ~ för henne] we have no confidence in her
en förordning
1. an ordinance, a decree; 2. a regulation; 3. [kunglig ~] Royal Ordinance
en upphovsrätt
a copyright (not a loan word)
en skuld
1. a debt; 2. a guilt; 3. a blame
en professor
a professor (loan word)
inclusive, including (loan word)
en beskrivning
a description
en lycka
1. a happiness, a luck; 2. [~ till!] Good luck!
en skrivning
1. a writing, a written test; 2. [att köra på en ~] to fail a written test
ett yrkande
1. a claim, a demand, a request, 2. a motion (legal term)
in love, dear
en äng
a meadow
att hänvisa
to direct, to refer
en buss
1. a bus; 2. [att åka ~] to go by bus, to take the bus; 3. [vilken turtäthet har den här ~en?] how often does this bus go?
1. north, northern; 2. [~ ishavet] the Arctic Ocean
1. completely; 2. [att koppla av ~] to make a complete break from one's normal routine
en make
1. a husband, a spouse, a married man; 2. [sin blivande ~] her husband to-be, her future husband
1. presumably; 2. probably (hint: "it can be assumed that ...")