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ett plan
1. a plane (abbreviation of [ett flyg~]; 2. a level, a floor (in a building); 4. [på ett högt ~] on a high level
en stil
a style (loan word)
ett förbund
1. an alliance (e.g.between countries); 2. a federation, an association; 3. [Lärar~et] the Teachers' Association
en tolkning
an interpretation
1. in addition to, beyond, over and above; 2. [men ~ det] but apart from that; 3. [inget ~ det vanliga] nothing out of the ordinary
en syster
1. a sister; 2. [min lilla~] my little sister, my younger sister; 3. [min stora~] my big sister, my older sister
ett berg
a mountain
en motståndare
an opponent
1. right (direction); 2. [~hänt] right-handed
practical (loan word)
ett beteende
a behaviour
ett bud
1. a command; 2. a message; 3. an offer, a bid; 4. a delivery; 5. a messenger; 6. [De tio ~orden; Tio Guds ~] (from Christian religion) The Ten Commandments
en träning
a (sports) training, practice, exercise (loan word)
vare sig
1. either, neither; 2. whether
ett äktenskap
a marriage
1. coarse, rough (literally and metaphorically); 2. [ett ~t fel a serious mistake; 3. [ett ~t brott] a heinous crime
1. up, upstairs; 2. at the top; 3. [han är ~] he’s awake, he’s up and about; 4. open (e.g. door)
ett inslag
1. a component; 2. an element, an aspect, a feature (not a loan word)
att förhindra
1. to prevent (often followed by a noun); 2. [att ~ någon från att göra något] to prevent s.o. from doing sth.
en delning
1. a division, a sharing; 2. a partition, fission
en kapitalism
a capitalism (loan word)
en bilaga
1. an enclosure, an appendix, an attachment (letters, written documents); 2. a supplement (newspaper)
en invånare
a resident, an inhabitant (not: "en boende")
en struktur
a structure (loan word)