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politically (loan word)
ett sjukhus
1. a hospital; 2. [hon ligger på ~] she's in hospital
mer eller mindre
more or less
first, leading
deeply, profoundly
en visning
a viewing (e.g. of apartment); a showing, an exhibition, a display
correct (loan word)
towards, against, vis-a-vis (not: "mot")
tack vare
thanks to
en aspekt
an aspect (loan word)
att godkänna
1. to approve (of sth.) to okay sth.; 2. to give someone a pass grade (education, school reports etc.)
1. incorrect, wrong; 2. [på ~a grunder] for the wrong reasons, on the wrong grounds
en dialog
a dialogue (loan word)
en oro
1. a worry, a concern; 2. (an) unrest (social, political); 3. a restlessness, nervousness
en vägg
1. an (interior) wall (in a building); 2. a partition; 3. [det är som att tala till en ~] it's like talking to a wall
constant (not a loan word)
ett tema
a theme (loan word)
en helhet
a whole, an entirety
en satsning
1. a commitment; 2. a bid; 3. a drive, venture; 4. an investment; 5. [att göra en ~ på något] to focus one's energies on sth.
en statistik
a statistics (loan word)
att beräkna
to calculate, to reckon, to compute
ett resonemang
a discussion, a reasoning (loan word from French)
ett förbud
a ban, a prohibition