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en dollar
a dollar (loan word)
along, alongside (not: "utmed")
att fixa
1. to fix, to organize, set up; 2. [det ~r sig] it will be all right; 3. [att ~ sig] to get ready, make oneself look presentable; put make-up on (loan word)
en kollega
a colleague (loan word)
att inträffa
1. to happen, to occur (formal, often used with negative events); 2. [olyckan ~de kl. 12] the accident occurred at 12pm
en sjukvård
a nursing, a medical care
att överleva
to survive
very likely, most likely, probably (hint: "it is likely to be the truth")
i första hand
importantly, primarily
ett meddelande
1. a message; 2. [att lämna ett ~ på telefonsvararen] to leave a message on the answering machine
ett näringsliv
a trade and industry, the world of business
att låna
1. to borrow; 2. [att ~ ut] to lend
en förståelse
1. an understanding, an appreciation; 2. a comprehension; 3. [läs~] reading comprehension
possibly, perhaps (ends with "-en")
en fisk
1. a fish; 2. [frisk som en ~] fit as a fiddle
en konsument
a consumer (loan word)
att framhålla
to call attention to
en storlek
a size (clothing, shoes etc).
en telefon
1. a telephone; 2. [en ~svarare] an answering machine; 2. [när du pratar i ~ med dina föräldrar] when you are talking on the phone to your parents
ett kön
1. a sex, a gender; 2. [det motsatta ~et] the opposite sex
1. over, finished; 2. used-up, all gone, sold out; 3. exhausted, extremely tired; 4. [arbetet tar aldrig ~] the work just never stops
att laga
1. to repair, to fix, to have sth. seen to; 2. [att ~ cykel] to repair a bike; 3. [att ~ mat] to cook, make, prepare food
en roman
a novel
ett lån
a loan
att likna
1. to be like s.o. else, to resemble, to look like; 2. to take after