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att lita
1. to trust s.o., to rely on s.o.; 2. [du kan ~ på mig] you can rely on me, you can trust me
en säng
a bed
en rädsla
1. a fear, a dread; 2. [utan ~ för diskriminering] without fear of discrimination; 3. [av ~ för kritik] for fear of criticism
1. convinced; 2. [jag är ~ om att] I am convinced that
en skit
a shit
ett tänkande
(a) thinking, a thought
en arm
an arm
ett bruk
1. a use; 2. a usage, a custom; 3. a cultivation (of land): 4. a mill, a factory; 4. a mortar
en radio
1. a radio; 2. [att sätta på ~n] to turn on the radio; 3. [att stänga av ~n] to turn off the radio
att granska
1. to look at sth. very closely, to check; 2. to audit; 3. to review (e.g. a product)
i synnerhet
in particular, particularly
att bekräfta
to confirm, to acknowledge
ett väder
a weather
ett hinder
an obstacle, a hindrance
1. previously, before; [veckan ~] the week before (not: "tidigare")
personally, in person (loan word)
en bana
1. a track (e.g. railway); 2. a path, a way; 3. [en tunnel~] an underground railway, a subway
en reklam
an advertising, commercials, publicity (loan word from French)
en trafik
1. a traffic; 2. [kollektiv~] public transport (loan word)
1. everything, all things; 2. [slutet gott, ~ gott] all's well that ends well
en artist
1. a singer, recording artist; 2. a comedian, a dancer, an actor, a magician (loan word)
ett bröd
1. a bread; 2. [hur förvarar färskt ~] how do you store fresh bread?
1. fixed, appointed, marked; 2. exposed, vulnerable; 3. placed; 4. [på ~tid] at the appointed time