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en butik
1. a shop; 2. [en by~] a village shop; 3. [ett ~sbiträde] a shop assistant, a sales assistant
uttermost, extremely
att förbli
1. to carry on being, to remain; 2. [att ~ ung, att ~ ogift] to stay young, to remain unmarried
1. boring; 2. annoying, unpleasant; 3. unfortunate, sad
1. secret; 2. [en ~ agent] a secret agent
spiritual, holy
concerning, regarding, with reference to (used in subject line in formal letters)
till vänster
to the left (used for giving directions)
ett fartyg
a water-going vessel (generic term)
att flyga
to fly
att gifta sig
to marry
1. nice, kind: 2. [var ~ mot dig själv] be kind to yourself
en ränta
an interest, an interest rate
en proposition
a government bill (a proposal presented to parliament by the government)
en svårighet
a difficulty
en fart
1. a speed, a pace, a rate; 2. [i ~en] busy, active, on the go; 3. pep, verve, full of life and energy; 4. [full ~ framåt!] full speed ahead!
en tant
1. an older woman (informal, somewhat negative); 2. an aunt; 3. [~ig] frumpy, old-fashioned
1. affected, involved; 2. concerned, mentioned; 3. [alla ~a parter] all parties concerned
en avsikt
an intention (not a loan word)
1. healthy; 2. (idiom) [~ som en fisk] fit as a fiddle; 3. [att hämta lite ~ luft] to get a bit of fresh air
en opposition
a (political) opposition (loan word)
lovely, delightful
ett intryck
1. an impression; 2. [att göra ett gott ~] to make a good impression
en visa
1. a (folk) song, a ballad; 2. [samma gamla ~] same old story; 3. [vagg~] lullaby; 4. [barn~] nursery rhyme, children's song
1. good (at sth.), skilled, clever; 2. [att vara ~ i skolan] to be doing well at school