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en ideologi
an ideology (loan word)
en representant
a representative (loan word)
ett tack
1. (a) thanks; 2. [~ ska du ha] thanks!
ett engagemang
1. a commitment, dedication, engagement (not in a marital sense); 2. an involvement; a participation
1. familiar, known; 2. [ett ~ ansikte] a familiar face
ett gäng
a gang, a group of people
att träda
1. to step, to go, to enter; 2. [att ~ i kraft] to come into force
att sjunka
to sink
ett föremål
1. an object, a subject, a matter, a thing; 2. [ett vass ~] a sharp object; 3. [ett trubbigt ~] a blunt instrument
1. how; 2. [~ tiden går!] how time flies! 3. [~ du har vuxit!] goodness me, haven't you grown?!?
en attack
1. an attack; 2. [en hjärt~] a heart attack; 3. [ett ~flygplan] a fighter bomber (loan word)
1. false, fake, not genuine, counterfeit, not real, forged; 2. [under ~t namn] under a false name
att representera
to represent (loan word)
ett miljöparti
a green party
en avgift
1. a fee, a charge; 2. [skol~] school fees
normally (loan word)
att motsvara
to correspond, to meet (expectations)
i allmänhet
in general
en översättning
a translation
serious (loan word from French)
1. immediately; 2. [~ före] immediately before, on the eve of; 3. [~ efter] immediately after (somewhat formal)
1. powerful; 2. potent; 3. strong; 4. vigorous; 5. violent, hard; 6. substantial, rich, heavy, nutritious; 7. [en ~ haka] a strong chin
att uppskatta
1. to appreciate (in general sense); 2. to estimate, to value