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en kommitté
a committee (loan word)
att blanda
1. to mix; 2. to mingle; 3. to blend; 4. to shuffle (cards); 5. (att ~ sig i ngt.) to interfere in sth.
ett blod
1. a blood; 2. [ett ~prov] a blood test, a blood sample
en högskola
a college, a university (not a loan word)
1. freely; 2. [det är ~ fram] you can go ahead, the green light has been given
en integritet
an integrity (loan word)
ett hår
a hair
ett organ
1. an organ in the body; 2. an agency, official body (loan word)
1. happy, glad; 2. lucky, fortunate; 3. successful, prosperous; 4. [~ resa!] have a nice journey, have a great trip!; 5. [av en ~ slump] by a lucky chance, as luck would have it
ett misstag
1. a mistake; 2. [att göra ett ~] to make a mistake (not: "ett fel")
1. left, remaining; 2. [jag har inga pengar ~] I don't have any money left
ett träd
a tree
ett tak
1. a ceiling, a roof; 2. [att bo under samma ~] to live under the same roof
ett straff
1. a punishment; 2. a prison sentence
perfect (loan word)
en överenskommelse
1. an agreement, a treaty; 2. a settlement
en kampanj
a campaign (loan word)
en grej
1. a thing; 2. [mina ~er] my stuff, my things (informal)
att åstadkomma
1. to achieve, to accomplish; 2. to bring about, to cause; 3. to make, to create
en budget
a budget (loan word)
en rygg
1. a back; 2. [jag har ont i ~en] I have backache, my back aches
1. well, done in a good way; 2. [sov ~ !] sleep well!
en press
1. a press (print media); 2. a printing press; 3. a citrus squeezer; (a) pressure
digital (loan word)
att framstå
to come across as, to seem, to appear