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ett liv
1. a life; 2. [i hela mitt ~] all my life; 3. [sånt är ~et] such is life, that's life
their, belonging to them
en värld
1. a world; 2. [~ens bästa mamma] the world's best mum
1. certain, some; 2. [i ~ mån] to some extent; 3. [gå på ett ~t ställe] (euphemism) to go to the toilet; 4. [i ~a fall] in some cases
1. yet, still, nevertheless; 2. however; 3. for all that, notwithstanding
1. own, of my own; 2. [jag har ~ bil] I have my own car
ett folk
1. a people, folk; 2. [det var mycket ~ på gatan] there were a lot of people on the street; 3. [~öl] beer with an alcohol content between 2.5% and 3.5%
en regering
a government
1. along, forward; 2. [han gick ~ till henne] he went up to her
att söka
1. to search for sth.; 2. to want to see, to call on s.o., to try to get hold of; 3. to apply for; 4. to sue s.o. for sth.; 5. to track by scent
1. you (singular, object); 2. yourself; 3. [jag älskar ~] I love you
1. on the contrary, but; 2. [inte bara ... ~ även] not only ... but also
en sak
a thing
1. high; 2. loud; 3. [med ~ röst] in a loud voice, loudly
1. long (time); 2. [hur ~ har du varit i Sverige?] how long have you been in Sweden?
en person
1. a person; 2. [vissa ~er] certain people, some people; 3. [~uppgifter] personal details, personal data, personal information (loan word)
att ligga
to lie, to be situated
en son
a son
1. both; 2. [jag har ~ en son och en dotter] I have both a son and a daughter
1. just; 2. [~ det!] exactly!, precisely!
att lägga
1. to lay sth. (or s.o.) on a horizontal surface; 2. to put sth. (in sth.); 3. [jag måste gå och ~ mig nu] I have to go to bed now
ett antal
1. a quantity, an amount, a number; 2. [ett stort ~ människor] a large number of people
1. already; 2. [jag har ~ sett honom idag] I have already seen him today
en kvinna
a woman