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ett verktyg
a tool, an instrument, equipment
beroende på
depending on
ett betyg
1. a certificate; 2. a report card; 3. a testimonial, a reference; 3. a grade, a mark (e.g. for a test)
the same (one) (neuter)
en start
1. a start (of a journey); 2. a take-off, a departure, a launching (loan word)
att leverera
to deliver, to supply (not "att tillhandahålla")
en kompetens
1. a competence; 2. qualifications (loan word)
var och en
each, everyone (not: "varenda")
en vinter
a winter
att gripa
1. to grip, to seize; 2. to capture, to catch (e.g. a criminal); 3. (figuratively) to move a person emotionally
en skyldighet
1. an obligation, a duty; 2. [en rättslig ~] a legal obligation
en företrädare
1. a predecessor (one who 'trod before'); 2. a representative
ethnic (loan word)
med andra ord
in other words
att njuta
to enjoy
att posta
1. to post, to drop a letter into the postbox; 2. to send by email (loan word)
att runda
1. to round; 2. [att ~ av] to round off
for, because
att bereda
1. to prepare, to get ready; 2. to give, cause; 3. [att ~ sig] to prepare oneself; 4. [att ~ väg för] to pave the way för
att uppmärksamma
1. to draw someone's attention to sth.; 2. to notice
en yta
a surface
att skratta
to laugh