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att underlätta
to facilitate, to make easy (easier)
att föreligga
1. to be available; 2. to be, to exist, to arise; 3. to be on the agenda of a meeting
en tillämpning
an application (practical, a theory or a method)
att garantera
to guarantee (loan word)
en jakt
1. a chase, a hunt; 2. [~marker] hunting grounds
att utse
to appoint, to elect, to choose
en blick
1. a look, a glance; 2. [att sänka ~en] to look downwards
en svenska
(a) Swedish (language)
en konferens
1. a conference; 2. [lärar~] teachers' meeting, staff meeting (loan word)
att framföra
1. to convey, deliver, give; 2. to present, produce, put on; 3. to perform, sing, play
1. round; 2. [att låta något gå ~] to pass something round; 3. [att lova ~ och hålla tunt] to make empty promises; 4. [~ omkring] round about
specific (loan word)
en varg
1. a wolf; 2. [en ~flock] a pack of wolves
en kanal
a channel (loan word)
1. clever, intelligent; 2. (slang) [du är inte ~!] you are crazy! you are out of your mind!
en regim
a regime (loan word)
att utöva
1. to practice (a profession, a trade); 2. to practice (a religion, a hobby etc); 3. to wield, to exercise (e.g. power, influence)
att fokusera
to focus, to concentrate; to adjust an optical instrument (loan word)
ett belopp
an amount, a sum (of money)
en bransch
1. a branch (of industry, trade etc); 2. [data~n; bil~en; reklam~en] the IT industry; the car industry; the advertising industry (loan word)
en sekund
a second (loan word)
en reda
1. an order, a clarity; 2. [att få ~ på] a) to find out, to get to know, to learn; b) to get hold of; 3. [att ta ~ på] to find out, to get information about sth.
will, would (formal)
1. ready, finished, complete; 2. [klara, ~a, gå!] ready, steady, go! (used in sporting competitions)
att ordna
to order, to sort, to put in order