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1776 - 1800

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att närma
to bring sth. closer, to bring sth. nearer
en vind
1. a wind; 2. an attic; 3. [sitta vid ~sfönstret] sit at the attic window
en gård
1. a farm, ranch; 2. a courtyard, a yard; 3. [bond~en] the farm; 3. [en bygde~] a (rural) community centre
en mitt
1. a center, a middle; 2. [i ~en av] in the middle of
successful (in sense of career, prosperity etc.)
en identitet
1. an identity; 2. [~sbricka] identity disc, dog tag (loan word)
en sång
1. a song; 2. the act of singing; 3. birdsong; 4. [jul~] Christmas carol; 5. [national~] national anthem
att närma sig
to approach
att skrika
to shriek, to scream, to shout
en tidpunkt
a point in time
att avskaffa
to abolish, to get rid of sth.
ett samband
1. a connection; 2. a liaison; 3. [en ~sofficer] a liaison officer; 4. [ett ~sord] a linking word
calm, quiet, composed
att uppge
1. to give (e.g. your name); 2. to state, to declare, to say
en deltagare
a participant
ett ursprung
1. an origin; 2. [~sbefolkning] indigenous population, aboriginal people; 3. [~sland] country of origin
determined, definite, fixed
en insikt
an insight, an understanding, a knowledge
ett forum
a forum (loan word)
ett kort
1. a card (postcard, yellow/red card in sport); 2. a photo; 3. [att ta ett ~] to take a photo
en statsminister
a prime minister (title used for the head of government in Nordic countries, amongst others)
other, different
att definiera
to define (loan word)
ett fönster
a window
en get
a goat