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en likhet
1. a resemblance, a likeness, a similarity; 2. [i ~ med] like, in conformity with
ett ljud
a sound
att beställa
to order (sth), as in a restaurant, or from a company
en synd
1. a sin; 2. a pity, a shame; 3. [det är ~ att han inte kan komma] it's a pity/shame he can't come
ett papper
1. a (piece of) paper; 2. [present~] wrapping paper (for gifts)
en fara
1. a danger; 2. [ingen ~!] no problem!
definitely (loan word)
en omfattning
1. an extent, a scope; 2. a range; 3. a size, dimensions, proportions; 4. a scale; 5. [skadornas ~] the scale of the injuries, the extent of the damage
att bevara
1. to keep, conserve, to maintain, to preserve; 2. [att ~ en hemlighet] to keep a secret; 3. to protect
att våga
to dare
ett fenomen
a phenomenon (loan word)
en riktlinje
a guideline
en profet
a prophet (loan word)
ett decennium
a decade (loan word from Latin)
i stort sett
1. almost; 2. on the whole, generally speaking
en inriktning
1. a focus, an emphasis, a direction (of your school studies); 2. an alignment
att misslyckas
to fail, to not succeed
en ram
a frame
att finansiera
to finance (loan word)
ett hotell
a hotel (loan word)
en kristendom
a Christianity (loan word)
1. [till ~] until then; by then, by that time; 2. [sedan ~] since then; 3. [innan ~] before then, by that time, by then
i förhållande till
in relation to, relative to (does not contain a loan word)
att klaga
to complain
att skatta
1. to estimate; 2. [att ~ sig lycklig] to consider oneself lucky, to count oneself lucky; 3. to plunder, to rob; 4. to pay taxes