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1826 - 1850

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att upprätta
1. to set up, to establish, to create; 2. to draw up (e.g. a will), to make, to draw, to prepare
att gynna
1. to favour, to benefit; 2. to support, to further, to promote, to encourage; 3. [~d av ödet] favoured by fortune
if, in case
1. independent; 2. (with "av"), irrespective
att leka
to play (as children play)
ett märke
1. a brand, a make; 2. [att lägga ~ till] to notice sth., to pay attention to sth.; 3. a mark, a trace, a sign; 4. a badge; 5. a label, a tag
en snö
a snow
att upprepa
1. to repeat, to reiterate, to echo, to renew; 2. [att ~ sig] to recur, to happen again, to repeat itself
en undervisning
1. a lesson (in school); 2. (a) tuition; (a) teaching; 3. (an) instruction, an education
ett kött
1. a meat; 2. [~ och blod] flesh and blood; 3. [nöt~] beef; 4. [fläsk~] pork; 5. [kalv~] veal
att förutsätta
1. to presume; 2. to take for granted
en replik
a reply (loan word)
en koppling
1. a clutch (in a car); 2. a connection (electric, on the phone); 3. a coupling, bringing two things together
ett snitt
1. a cut, an incision; 2. a sewing pattern; 3. an edge (of a book); 4. [i ~] on average
en engelska
1. an English (language); 2. an Englishwoman; 3. [vår lärare i ~] our English teacher
at all; on the whole; absolutely, altogether, generally
en sysselsättning
1. an occupation (as in job); 2. [full ~] full employment (i.e. no unemployment in a given population)
ett besked
an answer, information (often of an official nature, confirming something, e.g. a death)
att lätta
1. to lighten (a burden); 2. to ease, to relieve, to alleviate sth.; 3. to become lighter, to lose weight, to be relieved
regardless of
ett avseende
1. a respect, regard, consideration; 2. a reference; 3. [i många ~n] in many respects; 4. [att fästa ~ vid ngt] to take notice of, to take sth. into account, to pay attention to
att ropa
to shout, to call