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1851 - 1875

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att bekämpa
1. to combat, to fight (against something)
1. sorry, shame, pity; 2. [det är ~ att han inte kan komma] it's a shame/pity he can't come; 3. [att tycka ~ om ngn.] to feel sorry for s.o.
1. at once, straight away, immediately; 2. [gör det då ~] then do it straight away
en sjö
1. a lake; 2. a sea, ocean; 3. a wave; 4. a pool of water
så småningom
1. gradually, slowly but surely, little by little; 2. eventually, at last
logical (loan word)
inom ramen för
within the framework of, within the scope of
ett kaffe
1. a coffee; 2. [en kopp starkt ~] a cup of strong coffee
att förstärka
to strengthen, to amplify, to fortify
en euro
a Euro
en mänsklighet
1. a humanity, acting humanely towards other people; 2. (a) mankind, humanity (i.e. all the people on the planet)
1. down (location, position); 2. down, depressed
att betona
to stress, to accentuate (not a loan word)
en expert
an expert (loan word)
en fildelning
a filesharing, a downloading
en olja
an oil
att förbereda
1. to prepare sth.; 2. [att ~ sig på något] to prepare oneself for sth., to get ready for sth.
ett förfarande
a procedure (not a loan word)
en trygghet
1. a safety, a security; 2. a confidence, an assurance; 3. a feeling of being free of worries, unthreatened
en konstnär
a painter, an artist (not: 'en målare')
i själva verket
as a matter of fact
i fråga
in question
en stjärna
a star
ett tyg
a fabric, a cloth, a material