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1876 - 1900

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en läsning
1. a reading; 2. being able to read
1. blue; 2. [~tt blod] blue blood; 3. [~a ögon] blue eyes
en fotboll
a football
en flykting
1. a refugee; 2. a fugitive; 3. [ensamkommande ~barn] unaccompanied minor(s)
att koppla
1. to connect, put through; couple, tie up; 2. to catch on (informal); 3. [att ~ av] to relax
att forma
1. to form, to shape, to mould; 2. to build, to make; 3. to express
en bibel
a Bible
by the way, incidentally
att samarbeta
to work together, to co-operate
att slänga
1. to sling, to throw sth.; 2. to swing, dangle
ett ögonblick
a moment (as short as the blink of an eye)
att neka
1. to say no to something; 3. to deny, to refuse
en arbetsplats
a workplace
en lokal
1. a place, premises; 2. a room, a hall; 3. a habitat (zoology); 4. [biblioteket har sina ~er i skolan] the library is located in the school
en summa
a sum
1. enough, sufficient; 2. [att ha ~ med tid, mat etc] to have enough time, food etc.
gross, disgusting
att tona
1. to sound, to ring; 2. to tint (hair), to give colour to sth.
en tendens
a tendency, a trend (loan word)
på så sätt
in this way
en restaurang
1. a restaurant; 2. [att gå ut på ~] to go to a restaurant, to go out for a meal (loan word)
att återstå
1. to remain, to be left; 2. [det ~r att se] it remains to be seen
att vila
1. to rest; 2. [~ i fred] rest in peace
extremely (loan word)