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1901 - 1925

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en kamera
a camera (loan word)
independent, able to do things by yourself
socialist (loan word)
att framställa
1. to depict, to portray, to describe; 2. to manufacture, to produce
en ända
1. an end, an extremity, a tip; 2. a bit, a piece; 3. [~n på brödet] the “end” of the bread, i.e. the crust; 4. a behind, bum, ass, arse (informal)
en mångfald
1. a great number (of); 2. (a) diversity; 3. (maths) a multiple; 4. [Europas kulturella ~] Europe's cultural diversity
en strand
a beach
en pension
a pension (loan word)
1. home (as destination); 2. [att komma ~] to come home; 3. [att gå ~] to go home
en diskriminering
a discrimination (loan word)
att misstänka
to suspect
ett utsläpp
1. a spill (e.g. oil spill), a dumping; 2. a release; 3. an emission (e.g. air pollution from cars)
att logga in/ut
to log in/out (loan word)
en medicin
1. a medicine; 2. medicine as a field of study (loan word)
en sport
a sport (used in general sense, not as a school subject) (loan word)
en rättvisa
a justice (not a loan word)
en eld
1. a fire (in general sense, also in sense of gunfire); 2. [att sätta ~ på något] to set fire to something
individual (loan word)
from there
1. away; 2. [så långt hem~] so far from home; 2. [kan du komma ~ en stund?] can you get away for a while?
outer, external, kept outside
Arabic (loan word)
att erhålla
1. to receive; 2. to obtain (formal)
moral (loan word)
revolutionary (loan word)