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1926 - 1950

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en egendom
1. a possession, a thing you own; 2. a property, real estate; 3. [fast ~] real property; 4. [~ egendom] personal property
ett köp
1. a purchase; 2. [det följer med på ~et] you get that free with the product
en välfärd
1. a welfare; 2. [ett ~ssamhälle] a welfare state (where the weakest and sickest receive financial support from the state)
att sticka
1. to go, to leave (informal); 2. [att ~ ut] to stick out, to stand out; 3. to sting, to prick; 4. to stick, to pierce, to thrust; 5. to knit, to stitch, to quilt
att mäta
1. to measure, to calculate; 2. [han kan inte ~ sig med] he cannot be compared with
ett helvete
1. a hell; 2. [dra åt ~] go to hell!
tough (loan word)
ett jordbruk
an agriculture
ett sällskap
1. a company (of another person); 2. a society, a club
att medverka
1. to take part in, to be involved in; 2. to assist in, to contribute to; 3. to perform in; 4. to aid and abet (legal term)
en arbetstagare
a worker (someone who "takes work")
att fånga
to catch, to capture
att blogga
to blog (loan word)
en terrorism
a terrorism (loan word)
en fest
1. a party; 2. a celebration; 3. [hon såg fram emot ~en] she was looking forward to the party; 4. [jul~] Christmas party, celebration
1. properly; 2. [att ta i ~] to make a big effort, to work really hard
en väst
(a) west
en sajt
an internet site (loan word)
att prova
to try, to sample (i.e. food, clothes)
att prägla
1. to mint, to produce coins; 2. to characterize; 3. to make an impression
en övning
1. a training, a practice (sports, musical instrument); 2. a drill, an exercise; 3. [~ ger färdighet] practice makes perfect
1. strenuous, hard work, tough (of a task, day etc.); 2. tiring, tiresome, annoying (of a person)
att måla
to paint
ett vin
1. a wine; 2. [att slå ~ i glasen] to fill the glasses with wine, to pour wine into the glasses