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att identifiera
to identify (loan word)
en rasism
a racism (loan word)
en ståndpunkt
a standpoint
en granne
a neighbour
en rang
a rank
att resultera (i)
to result in (loan word)
en karriär
1. a career; 2. [~stege] career ladder (loan word)
en trend
a trend (loan word)
ett kontor
an office
att jaga
to chase, to hunt
en yttrandefrihet
a freedom of speech
en fortsättning
1. a sequel, a continuation; 2. [i ~en] in future, from now on, hereafter
various, diverse (loan word)
att stöta på
to come across, to run into
att förneka
to deny, to contradict, to renounce
male, masculine
en demonstration
a demonstration (loan word)
en färd
1. a journey; 2. [att vara i ~ med att göra något] to be in the process of doing something
en efterfrågan
1. an inquiry; 2. demand (for goods etc.); 2. [utbud och ~] supply and demand
en kandidat
1. a candidate, an applicant, a nominee; 2. a university graduate; 3. [~examen] bachelor's degree; 4. [medicin~] graduate in medicine (loan word)
att upprätthålla
to uphold, to maintain, to keep up
ett fördrag
1. a treaty, a formal agreement, a contract; 2. [~ om förbud mot kärnvapenspridning] non-proliferation treaty
ett instrument
an instrument (loan word)
att analysera
to analyse (loan word)