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ett problem
a problem
ett fall
1. a case (e.g. legal), an instance; 2. a descent, (a) fall
en man, två män
1. a man, two men
1. every; 2. [till ~ pris] at any price, at all costs, at any price
en artikel
an article
att anse
1. to consider, feel, think, believe; 2. to regard, look upon (sth. as)
att öva
to practice, to exercise, to train, to rehearse (e.g. an instrument)
ett lag
a team
ett slag
1. a kind, a sort; 2. [vad är det för ~s bil?] what kind of car is that?; 3. a blow, a hit, a slap, a knock, a punch; 4. a battle
ett tal
1. a sum, a calculation, a number; 2. talk, a speech, a conversation
1. at, towards; 2. for (in the sense of doing sth. for s.o.); 3. about
1. enough, sufficiently; 2. probably, certainly, doubtlessly; 3. to be sure
en bok, två böcker
1. a book, two books; 2. [han har många gamla ~er] he has a lot of old books
1. why; 2. [~ kom du till Sverige?] why did you come to Sweden?
att handla
1. to act, to take action; 2. to go shopping, to trade, to do business; 3. to be about [vad ~r boken om?] what is the book about?
1. old; [han är en ~ man nu] he is an old man now; 3. [vi bor i ett ~t hus] we live in an old house; 4. [~a människor] old people, old folks
en bild
a picture, an image
en sida
1. a side; 2. a page; 3. [han har sina ~or] he has his bad points
att öka
to increase
1. therefore, so, hence; 2. for this reason, that's why; 3. consequently (not: "alltså")
1. late; 2. [våren är ~ i år] spring is late this year
1. good; 2. [~ natt, ~ kväll] good night, good evening; 3. [ett ~tt skratt, ett ~tt liv] a good laugh, a good life; 4. [~a vänner] good friends