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1. strange, unknown, unfamiliar; 2. foreign, alien; 3. other people’s; 4. [på ett ~ språk] in a foreign language
att uppmuntra
to encourage, to cheer s.o. up, to spur s.o. on
ett genomförande
an implementation; a realization, execution (of a project, plan etc.)
conservative (loan word)
en attityd
an attitude (loan word)
en föreställning
1. an idea, a picture, a notion (of sth.); 2. a performance, show
than (comparison)
att lyda
1. to obey, to comply with; 2. to read, to go (of a text); 3. [att ~ under] to be under the control of; 4. [den borde alltså ~ som följer] it should therefore read as follows
1. juridicial, legal; 2. jurisprudential (loan word)
en variant
a variant (loan word)
en höjd
1. a height; 2. [på sin ~] at best, at the most
en utrikesminister
a foreign minister, a minister for foreign affairs
en gäst
a guest
en hustru
1. a wife (old-fashioned word for wife); 2. [att ha ~ och barn] to have a wife and children
en vandring
1. a hike, a walking tour; 2. a migration
att kontakta
to contact (loan word)
en mil
a Swedish mile (equivalent to ten kilometres or six English miles)
possibly, potentially
en lära
1. a teaching, a doctrine, a philosophy; 2. a science
att medge
1. to admit, to allow, to permit; 2. to concede
illogical (loan word)
en alkohol
an alcohol (loan word)
en invandring
an immigration (not a loan word)
en arbetarklass
a working class