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en lögn
1. a lie; 2. [en vit~] a white lie
ett yttrande
an utterance, a remark, a comment
of whom, of which
en doktor
a doctor (loan word)
1. unlawful, illegal, illicit; 2. [USA:s ~a ockupation av Irak] the USA’s illegal occupation of Iraq (not a loan word)
att gränsa till
to border on
en vision
a vision (not in the sense of 'eyesight') (loan word)
for the future, beyond
en omgivning
a surroundings
ett bistånd
1. an aid (e.g development aid), an assistance (e.g. humanitarian) after a catastrophe
att ansluta
1. to connect; 2. [att ~ sig till] join, attach oneself to, to agree with, to enter into (an agreement)
en bas
1. a base; 2. a bass; 3. a boss
en fil
1. a lane (in traffic); 2. a computer file; 3. a row (of sth.); 4. a file (tool); 5. (a) soured milk
att föredra
to prefer
1. at home; [känn dig som ~!] make yourself at home!; 3. [~fru] housewife, stay-at-home mom
broken, asunder
established (loan word)
att välkomna
to welcome
att tillverka
to manufacture, to produce (not a loan word)
en ambition
1. an ambition; 2. a sense of duty, a conscientiousness (loan word)
en aktie
a share, a stock of a company (loan word)
att anklaga
to accuse
ett dygn
1. a day (24 hours); 2. [~et runt] round the clock, day and night