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att förtjäna
to deserve, to earn (mostly used in a figurative sense)
hur som helst
anyway, anyhow
en norm
a norm (loan word)
unsure, doubtful
en räkning
1. a bill, a check, an invoice; 2. an account; 3. arithmetic, counting; 4. a calculation
en republik
a republic (loan word)
ett rykte
1. a rumor, 2. a reputation
en jämförelse
a comparison
att avstå
to abstain, to relinquish
en ära
an honour; a credit (as in praise); a glory (less common, Biblical)
en länsstyrelse
a county administrative board
smart (loan word)
ett bibliotek
a library (loan word from French)
en diktatur
a dictatorship (loan word)
att variera
to vary (loan word)
att dominera
to dominate (loan word)
att utreda
to investigate, to analyze
ett boende
1. an accommodation, housing; 2. [ett äldre~] an old people's home, residential care for the elderly; 3. [en ~] a resident
ett museum
a museum (loan word)
att förvandla
to transform, to reshape
att påbörja
to begin, to enter (often used in passive form)
en ursäkt
1. an excuse; 2. an apology; 3. a pretext; 3. [jag ber om ~] I apologise, I'm sorry, excuse me
ett vete
a wheat
att organisera
to organize (loan word)
communist (loan word)