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ett öra
1. an ear; 2. a handle (of a cup); 3. [att ta någon i ~t] to tell someone off; 4. [att vara på ~t] to be slightly drunk
actively (loan word)
en granskning
1. (an) examining, (a) scrutiny; 2. an inspection, a check-up, an audit; 3. a review (e.g. a product)
en balans
a balance (loan word)
en mage
1. a stomach; 2. [att ha ~ att göra något] to have the nerve to do sth.
att teckna
1. to draw, sketch, depict; 2. to make a sign; 3. to sign up for sth., to subscribe to sth.; 4. [att ~ en försäkring] to take out insurance; 5. [en ~d film] a cartoon
1. angry; 2. [att bli ~ på någon] to get angry with someone
att säkra
to secure
en lunch
1. a lunch; 2. [en ~rast] a lunch break (loan word)
en kommunist
a communist (loan word)
en militär
1. a soldier, a service man; 2. (a) military, (the) armed forces, an army (loan word)
en gåva
1. a gift, in both senses, a) a present; b) a talent, an ability; 2. a donation; 3. a bequest, a legacy
för närvarande
1. currently, for the time being; 2. [numret kan inte nås ~] the number you are calling is currently unavailable
alternative (loan word)
existing (often used with buildings, infrastructure and so on)
att hälsa
1. to greet, to salute; 2. to say hello from; 3. [att ~ på] to visit (particle verb, "på" is stressed)
en socialism
a socialism (loan word)
original, prime
en anställning
a salaried job (with a long-term employment contract)
en ansökan
an application (e.g. for a job)
en protest
a protest (loan word)
ett test
a test (loan word)
en anda
1. a breath; 2. a spirit, an atmosphere
crazy, mad
en katastrof
a catastrophe (loan word)