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like (not: "lik")
en terrorist
a terrorist (loan word)
en besökare
a visitor
ett hushåll
a household
att respektera
to respect (loan word)
1. complete, full; 2. [ditt ~t namn] your complete name
growing, increasing
stable (loan word)
en förvaltning
1. an administration, management; 2. (used in plural) public administration, government services (not a loan word)
ett hat
a hate
ett mönster
a pattern
1. just now, a moment ago, only just; 2. [han gick alldeles ~] he went just a moment ago
ett varumärke
a brand, a trademark
en fastighet
1. a property, (a) real estate; 2. (in plural) premises
att inta
to enter, to conquer, to take into possession
1. worried, anxious, 2. restless
att rulla
to roll
en moral
a moral (loan word)
att motivera
1. to justify, substantiate; 2. to motivate; 3. [~ ditt svar] give reasons for your answer
en myt
a myth (loan word)
1. precisely, accurately; 2. closely; 3. strictly; 4. carefully
att snacka
to chat, to talk (colloquial)
till sist
1. in the end, finally, after all; 2. [det blir nog bra ~] things will probably work out in the end
att förmedla
1. to convey, get a message across; 2. to mediate, act as an intermediary; 3. to procure, bring about