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en hamn
1. a port, harbour, docks; 2. a haven (figurative)
att tillhandahålla
to supply (not: "att leverera")
att informera
to inform (loan word)
en karta
a map
att utforma
1. to shape, to design, to form; 2. to draw up, to formulate
en konvention
1. a convention, a habit; 2. an agreement; 3. [Genève~erna] the Geneva Conventions (loan word)
allt mer
more and more, increasingly (not: "mer och mer")
en koll
1. a check; 2. [att ha noll ~ på något] to have no clue about something
en längd
a length
medical (loan word)
en läggning
1. a disposition, 2. an orientation, 3. a (sexual) preference
ett kilogram
a kilogram (loan word)
en finansiering
a financing (loan word)
ett löfte
1. a promise; 2. [att hålla sitt ~] to keep one's promise
att mörda
to murder, to assassinate
employed, under contract
en amerikan
an American (loan word)
en rit
a rite (loan word)
en status
a status (loan word)
biological (loan word)
en dikt
1. a poem; 2. a made-up thing, a story, a fiction; 3. [~ och verklighet] fact and fiction
en sko
a shoe
att sträcka
to stretch
en medarbetare
a co-worker (not a loan word)
en lust
1. an inclination, a liking; 2. [jag har ingen ~] I don't feel like it