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en kassa
1. a checkout, a till, a cash desk; 2. a box office; 3. money, funds; 4. takings; 5. [a-~] unemployment benefit, the office for this
en flygplats
an airport
en tingsrätt
a district court, a city court (in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö)
en avdelning
a department, a division (not a loan word)
att säkerställa
1. to make sure; 2. to secure; 3. to guarantee
en åklagare
a prosecutor
att lysa
1. to shed light, to shine, to beam; 2. to call out and make known
ett lidande
a suffering
att syna
1. to look closely at something; 2. to call (poker)
en standard
a standard (loan word)
en olycka
1. an accident a disaster; 2. a bad luck, a misfortune; 3. [det betyder ~] that will bring bad luck
en term
1. a term, a technical word or expression; 2. a term, e.g. in maths (loan word)
en maskin
1. a machine; 2. [en disk~] a dishwasher (loan word)
en transport
a transport, a transportation (loan word)
ethical (loan word)
en fattigdom
1. a poverty; 2. [att kämpa mot ~en] to fight against poverty
att servera
to serve, to wait on (loan word)
internal (loan word)
probable, plausible, believable
ett golv
1. a floor; 2. [trä~] hardwood floor, parquet flooring
en förmiddag
1. a morning; 2. [i morgon ~] tomorrow morning
ett statsråd
a minister (not a loan word)
att inrätta
1. to set up, to start, to found; 2. to arrange, to organise; 3. [att ~ sig] to settle down, to adapt oneself to sth.
en närhet
1. a neighborhood; 2. a vicinity; 3. a nearness, a proximity; 4. a closeness, an intimacy
en semester
1. a vacation, a holiday; 2. [han är på ~] he is on holiday