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by that means
en ras
a race, a breed of animal (loan word)
en tysk
a German
en favorit
a favourite (loan word)
ett framsteg
a progress, a step forward
en tillvaro
an existence, a life (not a loan word)
1. actual; 2 real, factual; 3. virtual
1. proud; 2. [jag är ~ över mig själv] I am proud of myself
1. soon, immediately; 2. close, nearby; 3. [är du klar? - jag kommer ~!] are you done? - I’ll be with you right away!
att strida
to fight, to be in conflict
1. urgent, important (thing); 2. anxious, eager (person)
att skylla
to blame (s.o.)
ont om
(to be) short of sth.
att engagera
1. to hire, retain, employ s.o.; 2. [att ~ sig] to be actively involved in sth. ; 3. [hon är mycket ~d i jobbet] she is very committed to her job (loan word)
en beräkning
a calculation, a computation; an estimate
ideological (loan word)
ett finger
a finger
ett hål
a hole
en prövning
1. an examination (education), a trial (legal); 2. a testing, a challenge; 3. an investigation; 4. a close look; a probation period; 5. an ordeal; 6. a temptation (Biblical)
1. sensible, reasonable; judicious; 2. [ingen ~ människa] nobody in their right mind; 3. [han är inte riktigt ~] he is not all there (e.g. not of sound mind)
complicated (loan word)
1. sound, healthy; 2. salubrious, wholesome; 3. [vara ~ till kropp och själ] be of sound mind and body
en domare
a judge, a referee
en frukt
a fruit