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en signal
1. a signal; 2. a ring, a ringing (of a telephone); 3. [att slå en ~ till någon] to call someone, to give someone a ring (loan word)
ett guld
a gold
homosexual (loan word)
en brottslighet
1. (a) crime (also in general sense) 2. [organiserad ~] organised crime
1. proper, substantial, solid; 2. genuine
en rättegång
a trial, (a) court proceedings
ett mått
1. a unit of measurement; 2. a measure, an action; 3. [av stora ~] of grand proportions, on a wide scale, extensively
en kammare
1. a chamber, a small room; 2. (political body) house, chamber; 3. [en~system] unicameral system, single-chamber system
en nazist
a nazi
att förefalla
1. to appear, to seem; 2. [det ~er mig] it seems to me, it appears to me
en försäkring
1. an insurance; 2. [att teckna en ~] to take out insurance
en konung
a king (not: en kung")
så klart
1. of course; 2. [~ jag gör] of course I do
ett ändamål
1. a purpose, an objective; 2. [välgörande ~] charitable cause, a charity; 3. [ett gott ~] a good cause
meant, intended
general (loan word)
en kommunism
a communism (loan word)
att dölja
to conceal, hide
en arab
an Arab
att sträva
to strive
en stämning
1. an atmosphere, a mood, a spirit; 2. [jul ~] Christmas spirit; 3. a tune
ett torg
1. a market place, a market; 2. a square; 3. [att gå på ~et] to go to the market (to buy groceries)
planned (loan word)
en utrustning
(an) equipment