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1. at the house/place of; 2. [~ oss] at our place, at our house, in my country
att skapa
to create, to make, to form
ett arbete
1. a work, a task, a job, a workplace; 2. a product (a piece of workmanship); 3. labour
att kapa
1. to take, to capture; 2. to hijack an airplane; 3. to cut off sth.
and, also, together
en blogg
a blog (loan word)
1. out, out of; 2. [ta händerna ~ fickan] take your hands out of your pockets!
att gälla
1. to be valid, to apply to, to have reference to; 2. [vad ~er saken?] (e.g. to a stranger at the door) What can I do for you? What's this about?
att verka
1. to work, to act, to serve; 2. to have an effect (e.g. drug), to work, to act; 3. to seem, to give an impression, to come across (as)
att tala
1. to talk, to speak; 2. [~ sanning] to tell the truth
att bära
1. to carry, to bear (both literally and figuratively); 2. to wear (clothes, glasses etc); 3. to take, to bring; 4. (of path) to go, lead
1. too; 2. [mycket ~ gammal] much too old; 3. [~ lite] too little, not enough
en väg
1. a way, a road; 2. [ur ~en!] get out of the way!
ett samhälle
1. a society, a community; 2. a town, a place; 3. a colony of animals (bees, ants)
therefore, accordingly, ergo, thus, consequently (not: "därför")
en stat
1. a state (e.g. NY); 2. [Amerikas Förenta ~erna] the United States of America (loan word)
en stad
a town, a city
att höra
1. to hear; 2. [att ~ musik] to listen to music; 3. to question, to interrogate; 4. to belong
att innebära
1. to imply, to mean; 2. to involve
genom att
by, by means of (the method whereby something is achieved)
ett företag
1. an enterprise, a company, a business; 2. an undertaking, a venture, a project
en möjlighet
1. an opportunity, a chance; 2. a possibility