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att vandra
1. to wander, to hike, to walk; 2. to migrate (people, birds, animals)
att registrera
to register (loan word)
att argumentera
to argue (loan word)
ett kök
a kitchen
att uppgå
to amount to
1. certainly; 2. [ja ~!] of course! absolutely! 3. [jo ~, men ...] well, yes, but ...
en bön
an appeal, a prayer
en anläggning
a construction, a building, a plant
en filosofi
a philosophy (loan word)
att gråta
to cry, to weep
ett underlag
a foundation, a base, a basis (for a building or a decision)
typical (loan word)
att förespråka
to recommend, to advocate, to speak in favour of sth. (not a loan word)
en smärta
1. a pain, a suffering; 2. [att skrika av ~] to scream with pain
ett uppror
an uproar, a revolution
strategic (loan word)
en symbol
a symbol (loan word)
radical (loan word)
en vd
an MD (managing director), a CEO (chief executive officer)
en frid
1. a peaceful state of being, (a) tranquility, (a) serenity; 2. (found on gravestones) [vila i ~] rest in peace
en arbetskraft
1. a manpower; 2. an individual worker
att bevilja
to grant, to award
en rot
a root
att förmå
1. to be able to do sth., to be capable of doing sth.; 2. to persuade s.o. to do sth.
1. straight; 2. [på ~ arm] off the cuff, offhand