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att formulera
to formulate (loan word)
en jämställdhet
an equality (especially gender equality)
en existens
an existence (loan word)
en bonde
a farmer
att bränna
1. to burn sth.; 2. to spend money recklessly (slang)
en utgift
1. an expenditure, an expense; 2. (a) spending; 3. [mina inkomster och ~er] my income and expenditure
en förbättring
an improvement
att föreställa
1. to depict; 2. to play the part of; 3. [vad ska det ~?] what is it supposed to be?; 4. [att ~ sig] to imagine; 5. to introduce s.o.
en operation
an operation (loan word)
att landa
to land (loan word)
en service
1. a service; 2. [en ~lägenhet] a flat in a sheltered housing complex (loan word)
att låsa
1. to lock; 2. [att ~ upp] to unlock
att varna
to warn
att anställa
to employ (usually with a contract)
ett förtryck
an oppression
en varelse
a being, a creature
1. quiet, noiseless; 2. [~ överenskommelse] tacit agreement, tacit understanding
1. beside, alongside, at the side of; 2. [prata ~ munnen] to give away a secret, to spill the beans
att syssla med
1. to have as an occupation; 2. to busy oneself with; 3. [vad ~r du med?] what is your job?
att drömma
to dream
ett evangelium
1. an evangelium; 2. a gospel; 3. [Lukas' ~] the Gospel according to St. Luke (loan word)
en planet
a planet (loan word)
organized (loan word)
ett fält
1. a field; 2. [syn~] field of vision; 3. [flyg~] airfield, airport