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en video
a video (loan word)
med hänsyn till
1. with regard to, with respect to; 2. in light of, given, considering
att översätta
to translate
en fågel
a bird
att inkludera
to include, to comprise (loan word)
en era
an era (loan word)
1. concerning; 2. (as adj.) touching, moving
att förena
1. to unite, to bring together, to combine; 2. [att ~ sig med] to be compatible with, to join, to combine
1. vacant, free, unoccupied; 2. [hon är ~ i dag] she has the day off today
en kärnkraft
a nuclear power, an atomic energy
en ryss
a Russian
en smak
a taste (food/fashion)
en order
1. a command (e.g. military); 2. an order (in trade)
advanced (loan word)
ett deltagande
a participation
en nämnd
an appointed committee, a board, a jury
en israel
an Israeli
att prioritera
to prioritize (loan word)
att tillägga
to add (something extra when speaking)
att blåsa
to blow
en trädgård
a garden
ett kors
1. a cross; 2. [att lägga armarna i ~] to cross one's arms