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1. curious; 2. [~ på något] curious about something
en kombination
a combination (loan word)
ett mod
1. a courage; 2. [~et svek mig] my courage deserted me
ett landskap
1. a landscape, scenery (e.g. in a painting or in nature); 2. a province
att överlämna
1. to hand over, to deliver; 2. [att ~ sig till/åt något] to surrender oneself to something
en vinnare
a winner
att fastna
to get stuck
en förväntning
an expectation
en temperatur
a temperature (loan word)
all-embracing, overall, comprehensive
att motverka
to obstruct, to counteract
violent, fierce, heavy
ett fack
1. a compartment, a pigeonhole, a post-office box; 2. a branch, a trade, a profession, a field of work; 3. a subject (in education)
att komplettera
to complement
ett protokoll
1. (a) minutes, a record (e.g. of an official meeting); 2. a protocol; 3. (sports) a score; 4. [utom ~et] off the record
the internet, the World Wide Web
att bota
to cure
ett förlag
a publishing house, a publisher
att bege sig
to set out, to proceed, to depart
en konsumtion
a consumption (loan word)
valuable, useful
en kost
1. a diet, food; 2. [~ och logi] board and lodging
1. passed (e.g. in an end-of-year school report, driving test etc.); 2. approved
ett datum
a date (e.g. a date of birth etc, not an appointment)