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to that, besides
en recension
1. a product review; 2. a write-up (loan word)
1. another (often used after a noun, with the meaning of "one more"); 2. [en sak ~] and another thing
en omsorg
1. a care, an attention; 2. [med ~] with care, carefully; 3. [att lägga ned stor ~ på något] to take great pains with something
ett kriterium
a criterion (loan word)
en fånge
a prisoner
extreme (loan word)
en förbindelse
1. a connection (real or abstract, between two points, things or people, commonly used in connection with means of transport); 2. [en tåg~] a train connection
ett angrepp
1. an attack (in the sense of an aggressive move against a person, a plant, or something abstract); 2. [~ på friheten] attack against freedom; 3. [~ av skadeinsekter] attack by harmful insects
att lansera
to launch, to introduce
en saga
1. a fairy tale; 2. a saga; 3. a myth
att basera
to base (loan word)
en cykel
1. a bicycle, a bike; 2. a menstrual cycle, a period
en design
a design (loan word from English)
med anledning av
1. on account of, owing to, in view of; 2. [~ detta] in this connection, that being so, therefore (not: "på grund av")
western (point of the compass)
en påverkan
1. an impact, an influence; 2. [under ~ av alkohol] under the influence of alcohol; 3. [miljö~] environmental impact
en verkan
1. an effect, a result; 2. a consequence; 3. an influence; 4. an effectiveness; 5. an impression; 6. [med omedelbar ~] with immediate effect
en kongress
a congress (loan word)
att skära
1. to cut; 2. [det ~ i öronen på mig] it grates on my ears
ett testamente
a testament, a will (loan word)
written, in writing