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en våg
1. a wave, a surge; 2. a pair of scales, a weighing machine; 3. a Libra (astrology)
en reservation
a reservation (NOT as in a restaurant reservation)
fair, just, equitable
ett yrke
a profession
ett århundrade
a century, a hundred years
ett anslag
1. a notice, a poster; 2. a grant, a subsidy, an allowance; 3. a keystroke; 4. an impact; 5. a plot, a conspiracy
en drog
a drug
att gömma
to hide
1. authentic, genuine, not fake; 2. [~ makar] a married couple; 3. [~ barn] legitimate child, a child born in wedlock
1. intellectual; 2. [~ funktionsnedsättning] mentally handicapped (loan word)
en kejsare
an emperor
en planering
a planning (loan word)
en släkt
1. family; 2. all one's relatives; 3. kinship; 4. [att vara ~ med] to be related to
en drottning
a queen
att uppträda
1. to appear (on TV, on stage, etc), to perform; 2. to behave, to behave oneself; 3. to occur
att övergå
1. to change into; 2. to pass over to; 3. to pass into
ett läkemedel
a pharmaceutical product, a medicine
en utformning
1. a shaping, a design, a designing; 2. a formulation; 3. a wording
electronic (loan word)
obligatory (loan word)
att investera
to invest (loan word)
en fond
1. a background (e.g. in a painting); 2. capital, funds; 3. a foundation (loan word from French)
1. double; 2. [~t medborgarskap] dual citizenship