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att uppkomma
to come up, to arise
att somna
to fall asleep
ett ställningstagande
a position one takes on an issue
att utesluta
to exclude, to eliminate
en frukost
1. a breakfast; 2. [en kraftig ~] a substantial breakfast
en förhoppning
1. a hope; 2. [i ~ om att] in the hope that
1. professional, technical; 2. relating to a trade union
en prognos
1. a prognosis; 2. [väder~] weather forecast
en sannolikhet
1. a probability; 2. [med största ~] in all probability
en advokat
a lawyer
capitalist (loan word)
att anlända
to arrive
ett regn
1. a rain; 2. [det blir ~ i morgon, inte i dag] it's going to rain tomorrow, not today
att röja
1. to clear (up, out, away); 2. to remove; 3. to reveal, disclose
en motsats
1. an opposite; 2. a contrast
en referens
a reference (e.g. when applying for a job) (loan word)
en fabrik
a factory
i och för sig
in and of itself (certainly, surely)
en marknadsföring
a marketing
att rena
1. to clean; 2. to purify; 3. to disinfect
en innebörd
a significance, an implication
att stjäla
to steal