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en omgång
1. a set, a batch, a change (e.g. of clothes); 2. a helping, a portion; 3. a round (of drinks, of cards), a turn, a relay (sport), an instalment; 4. a beating, a thrashing; 5. bureaucracy, red tape
att protestera
to protest (loan word)
att tillkomma
to take place, to occur
att bemöta
to respond to, tackle, address (e.g. a threat), to treat (an illness)
att tränga
to push, to shove, jostle
lasting, permanent
en blomma
a flower
att överföra
to transfer
en solidaritet
a solidarity (loan word)
en lydelse
a wording
en annons
1. an advertisement (e.g. a small ad in a newspaper); 2. an announcement, a notice; 3. [~byrå] advertising agency
en riksdagsledamot
a member of (the Swedish) parliament (only used with countries that have a monarchy)
att brinna
1. to be on fire, to burn (literal meaning); 2. to be passionate about sth.; 3. to decompose
att rinna
1. to run, to flow; 2. [näsan ~er] (one's) nose is running
en gärning
1. a deed, an achievement; 2. [~smannen] the perpetrator (of a crime)
en samverkan
1. a co-operation, a co-ordination; 2. [i nära ~ med] in close co-operation with; 3. [en grann~] a neighbourhood watch
att rymma
1, to run away, to escape; 2. to hold, contain, have space for
ett blogginlägg
a blog post, a blog entry
att sammanfatta
to summarize
att dröja
to take (a long) time; to hesitate
att avbryta
to interrupt, to break in
att gräva
to dig, to excavate
att stryka
1. to remove, to delete; 2. to iron (clothes); 3. to stroke sth.