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to serve someone sth = phục vụ ai món gì
Janet SERVEd them tea and cake in the garden.
To make someone do something = bắt ai phải làm gì; khiến ai phải làm gì
This film always MAKEs me cry.
to feel like = cảm thấy như...
When I came back to England, I felt LIKE a stranger.
oyster stew = món hàu hầm
I want to learn how to make OYSTER STEW.
to be cooked = được nấu
All the food is COOKED and served by volunteer helper.
to cook = nấu ăn
She doesn’t know how to COOK rice.
a recipe = một công thức nấu ăn
Do you know A good RECIPE for pasta dishes?
can't imagine how... = không thể hình dung...
can’t do sth = không thể làm gì
I CAN’T speak French.
to imagine = tưởng tượng
IMAGINE that you are lying on a beach.
to be delicious = ngon
Who cooked this? It's DELICIOUS.
crocodile meat = thịt cá sấu
What does CROCODILE MEAT taste like?
to eat (something) = ăn (món gì)
We sat on the grass and ATE our sandwiches.
the eel dish = món lươn (này)
He's never intended to order THE EEL DISH.
can be eaten = có thể ăn
Worms CAN BE EATEN raw.
cold or hot = nóng hoặc nguội
Do you want your coffee COLD OR HOT?
to grill sth = nướng cái gì
I will GRILL it with butter and herbs.
instead of doing sth = thay vì làm cái gì
He has been playing all afternoon INSTEAD OF DOING his homework.
to fry sth = chiên cái gì
Let me FRY eggs for you.
to cut back on sth = loại bỏ bớt cái gì
My doctor wants me to CUT BACK ON sweets and fatty foods.
(catfish) fillet = nạc/phi lê (cá trê)
If the cod FILLET is frozen, thaw it in the refrigerator for 24 hours before you cook it.
amount of + danh từ không đếm được = lượng cái gì
A portion is an AMOUNT OF food that is large enough for one person at a meal.
to assure = khẳng định, chắc chắn, cam đoan
I ASSURE you it won't happen again.
to be fresh = tươi, mới, trong lành
The air is FRESH and the scenery is beautiful.
let sb do sth = để ai làm gì
They won't LET him leave the country.
to help do sth = giúp làm gì
Books HELP develop social skills in children.
the risk of sth = nguy cơ của cái gì
THE RISK OF cancer is often hereditary.
stroke = bệnh đột quỵ
The STROKE left him paralyzed half of his body.
heart disease = bệnh tim
She's suffered from HEART DISEASE for years.
to be good for sth = tốt/thích hợp cho việc gì
I myself am very keen on aerobics. It's GOOD FOR body shaping.